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What is mono block type?

The slimline mono block type offers a variety of sizes ranging from small to large diameters,

which are available as standard to meet the needs of customers. In order to allow the customer

to choose a holder that has the highest possible rigidity including the overhang of the tool, from

300 types (φ3 to φ25) for each shank, the static rigidity values (see the following excerpt table)

are used as the guidelines for this purpose.

The unit is μm/kgf and smaller values represent higher rigidities.

At your request, the complete static rigidity table is available




  • Effective Length Variation
  • 22, 42, 67, 97, 127, 157mm 6 type
  • Length Variation
  • 75-285mm
  • Thickness
  • 1.5-10mm
  • SLSA (φ3-φ12)・・・1.5mm
  • SLSB (φ6-φ20)・・・2-4.5mm
  • SLRA (φ3, 4)・・・・・・2.25-3mm
  • SLRB (φ6-φ25)・・・4-10mm